Introduction to Traveling in El Salvador

Capital, climate, country, and some travel tips

El Salvador, which means The Savior in Spanish, is one tourist destination that is often overlooked by a lot of people. Located in Central America, it was once known as the coffee republic and its capital city is San Salvador. The country still reminds a lot of people of the images of the brutal civil war fought throughout the 1980’s, but that is all over now. The people in this country are genuinely friendly and happy to help out tourists.

The climate here is tropical with only two seasons, dry from November to April and wet from May to October. The average temperature varies by elevation with the coastal areas being the hottest at 22-32 degrees Celsius, the central area from 19-38 degrees Celsius and the mountain areas being always cool all year round at 12-23 degrees Celsius.

The country has lots of rich forests and mountains that are great for hiking. The beaches here are facing the Pacific Ocean which makes them an ideal place to relax and unwind or catch some of the best waves for surfing.

Here are a few tips for those who want to visit El Salvador. The electric current here is 110 volts 60 hertz but is not stable, power outages occur always. If you are bringing in delicate electrical or electronic equipment make sure they have surge suppressors. Dress casually, light cotton suits are usually preferred by professionals. Cheap restaurants are plenty in this country and are great places to enjoy the local food, avoid food sold in street stands for hygiene reasons.

If you are American the best part about visiting El Salvador may be that they use the US dollar. While the currencies of just about every other country has strengthened against the dollar making those countries more expensive for Americans to visit your dollar will go just as far as it always has in El Salvador, which is very far!

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